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          Winning recipe in Business.

When you cut the business pie up,

 make sure your customer get the biggest piece of service, and quality

 and smallest piece in mark up.

Then you will be here to cut a new piece tomorrow.


new items are coming soon for

 the 2016 season.

any suggestion are welcome.


gift certificate are now available.

Attn: Cane maker just in

not on sale

Code is C-1

very clean at fair market pricing.


To build a fishing rod without great cork, is a big mistake.

New item

coming soon

email  us for special pricing.

Black & White


Sale Items

Spotted  Dalmatian  

Great Pricing

Spotted  Dalmatian Black & White

Code is SDB-1

The 1 ¼ x ¼ x ¼ bore

 Spotted  Dalmatian Black

Code is SDB-N

GreThe 1 ¼ x 1/4x No Bore

   Code is  SDB-2      

come in

 Clear plastic bag.100 PCs Bags  


Rubberized cork rings

Code is RS2-1

1 1/2 x 1/2 x No bore


 Grade A Quality handles

Full Wells , Western, Cigar,

approximant all are 7 1/4  long.


 2015    "Watson", we have found it.

Look at that cork handle its only 33 years old.

It reminds me of my first wife. Great shape with fine lines.

Yes indeed, Sherlock.

Ps, I’m still with her after 55 years. 

Hope to see you on the water



Please note we also stock these

in a very clean Grade A all the time.


Just in Great Quality

Code is N-27

To build a fishing rod without great cork, is a big mistake.



These are not on sale  outstanding  Quality on 1 1/2 x 1/2 x 1/4  bore

Great for spey rods and super for salt water rods.

Call for special pricing.

Please note all factory that provide raw cork Material are close for the whole month

of August. which mean all disturber will run out of some stock. during this time.

order enough so you will not be caught short.

Give us a call.


Just in Special Quality

not on sale but very clean

@ this low price.

code is NC-3




Not on sale

Just in open stock

because we have the best price

in the Trade.

Call for it by Name


The Cheetah


Code is RNC

This is a combination of

Rubberized and of natural cork chips

 Very high density, great for durability

Fantastic for cosmetic appearance.

These spotted cork rings are

a great decoration for any

Handle. This pattern is designed

After the Fastest know animals

On the face of the earth.

any you can take that to the bottom line.

Please Note we introduce this items along time ago

and my grand daughter gave this item the name.

The Cheetah


Looking for special items

 and can't find it

Give us a call, and we will try to help you.

 any suggestion are, welcome also.


Attn;  All rod builder, and consumer of  good wine
 one of my catholic  friends told me it is a cardinal sin to build fishing rod without great cork  or drink  wine with a screw cap.

as always only the very best.

Christ J. Kishish

Founder and CEO

Our company is not flawless

but we try harder then most

and after 42 years.  we are still here.

Please note we are never  Pleased,  to get negative remarks

about our service or quality, but each remarked are carefully looked

at each meeting and consider for immediate action.

Pricing of all items have  been high since we started,

quality is what we look at every day and kept it  the highest level

possible at a fair market price.

That is area that is never compromised

 now or ever as long as I'm

in charge. we Love hear hear from you

Great News or not so Great.

as always only the very best

 in what ever travel that you pursue.

give us a call or email us @ 763-574-1563 or email



Christ J. Kishish


Ask about our new jig only 3.00  with plugs.




To build a fishing rod without great cork, is a big mistake.


We thank you in advance.



Christ J. Kishish

Founder & CEO

for the 42 years.










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